About Us

The founders and idea givers of the concept are Gabriel Schütt and Patrick Köppchen. Both are united by a deep passion for the hatter’s craft and the creativity in the implementation. Together they want to set new standards and enrich the diversity of Munich in combination with tradition and modern lifestyle. Gabriel Schütt completed his training as a hotel specialist at the traditional Alter Wirt in Grünwald and then worked for the Mandarin Oriental hotel group. Through many travels abroad and his work in upscale gastronomy, Gabriel Schütt has gained deep insights into the diversity of nationalities, their wishes and needs.
Various internships and insights in the hat making business have taken him to Los Angeles, Vienna, Graz and Berlin, among other places, and have given him the opportunity to sense different styles, trends and visions. Due to his activities he has a broad and well-founded network and has especially developed a feeling for the city of Munich and the needs of the customers.

“Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain. Wash your spirit clean.”

Patrick Köppchen works as a brand ambassador for various brands - including Scotch&Soda. As brand ambassador he brings the brand closer to the customers and the public and therefore perfectly enriches “Fatzke”. He has acquired his know-how in the hat-making segment through a longer stay in Sydney, combined with his work at “Phillydesign”, and further deepened it in Germany. During his career as an ice hockey professional he has built a wide network all over Germany and has deepened and multiplied it mainly through his work in the fashion industry. Due to his many years of advertising activity in the German fashion capital Düsseldorf, he is extraordinarily well networked in the fashion industry and has well-founded and essential contacts that will provide and enrich the distribution of the “Fatzke” brand.

“FATZKE HEADS ARE gaining due acclaim for quality”
“A stunning range of skin-care products”
“Standout cosmetics in a busy space”

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